Source Repositories

This initial list of source repositories was obtained by querying the GitHub API for started projects. The repository count represents repositries returned from those queries. Version control entries refer to historical data points captured for revisions from a very small repository set. Capturing this data takes a very long time (see path to a million.). Code metrics is similar but refers to code line counts. Each repsitory head revision is scanned for files that indicate modules e.g. pom.xml implies a maven module. Each of these module files is examined to understand the module's dependencies. (currently only maven is supported)

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Owner Created Project Stats Snapshot
image {{i.project.created_at | date:'yyyy-MM-dd'}}  {{}}


{{i.project.watchers | number}} watchers
{{i.project.open_issues_count | number}} open issues
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Registered repositories
Version Control Revision entries

{{vcs_count | number}}

Revision history records
Code metrics

{{code_metric_count | number }}

Number of collected code metrics
Build Tools
Data obtained by scanning the files in the latest version of each repository an matching file names to build tools.